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Definitely the best book I've ever read and could recommend on dog origins and behaviour by Ray Coppinger

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Recommended links

Over the years one does come across some great sites that they want to visit again and again. Below are our recommendations for some of those kinds of sites

LINDA BAGNALL's Web Site - full of Maremmani and all kinds of interesting things!

SIV's absolutely beautiful site featuring some magnificent maremmas - it is in Finnish, but she is planning an english version very soon and it is still well worth a look

Dogs NSW Royal NSW Canine Council - the registration body for all dogs in NSW Australia.

Great Pyrenees Club Library - Fantastic site for all kinds of information and resources for any breed of Livestock Guarding Dogs - I recommend going here!

Maremma rescue in Australia - You are best to buy a maremma from a reputable breeder if new to the breed as rescue dogs are more work than a puppy.




male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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