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Breeders pedigree tracking App

This app has been so much in demand it is now available here!

For years I have been contacted by breeders who need a simple way to track pedigrees for their animals.

This was actually the reason I bought my very first computer, and back then it was for my goats.

Do you need to track pedigree or genetic information for animals of any kind?

The GenSoft App is based on Microsoft Access, so you will need that on your computer, please check this before you purchase.


The good news is that it will run on ANY version of Access!


The App allows you to print SIX generation pedigrees, track first and second generation listings from a sire or dam and record strengths, faults and weaknesses of animals.

Simple interface that let's you get your bloodline information for any kind of animal in a snap!


This is the best value App of it's kind available!

Please make sure you have Microsoft Access installed on your computer before proceeding (will work on any version)

Breeders Pedigree Tracking App only $24.95 AUD

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male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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