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The maremma around the world today

It is very interesting to see how all the dogs bred by breeders for many generations, far from the world of the shepherds how they retain these characteristics, and they remain exactly like the dogs who still work with the sheep. Maremrna dogs want a level relationship with their owners, and only in these conditions will they give the owner the greatest satisfaction. I repeat once more they are not for everyone, they will never be dogs for those people who look for a 'slave dog or a robot', or a dog that gives blind obedience.

whilst primarily being designed and used as livestock guardians these dogs show that maremmas can and do live in any kind of situation successfully if their owners understand the type of dog they have acquired From a life where they can play at the beach like any other dog to their typical role working together in a pack to guard livestock these dogs display the same temperament - in fact one of these dogs is in both photos! a pack of maremmas who work together to guard a herd of goats, displaying the type of use they were first bred for in Italy

As far as food is concerned, as they are very rustic they eat very little, are never greedy and are not thieves. They like to sleep outside even if the climate is very bad, they are completely indifferent to all weather conditions. They are a very clean animal, and even puppies go as far as they can from the nest to attend to their personal needs, even to hiding themselves. These dogs spend a lot of time cleaning their coats just like cats, and although the coat is white it does not need any special care. It renews itself twice a year, after losing all the dead hair, which becomes yellowish just like wool. When it rains and the dogs are wet, the coat becomes the colour of the earth but as soon as it dries it becomes whiter thanit was before.

In this breed, the difference between dog and bitch is very evident, and not only physically. The dogs are bigger, tougher, and have a big collar like a lions mane. He is more extrovert, stronger in temperament and sometimes aggressive, particularly to dogs who invade his territory. The female on the other hand can be a few inches smaller, is more elegant, and can be feline in her movements, she is much more gentle altogether more shy and diffident though. But! very rarely would a stranger be able to touch her, even, when the owner was present.

a very typcial male maremma sheepdog with good breed conformation both physically and in temperament The difference between the dog and bitch are evident in these photos of a dam and her son, both as mature guardians very typical female maremma sheepdog showing the obvious difference between the 2 genders in this breed

In a house which is not the natural environment for them, these dogs will cause no trouble, they are never invading, and they make themselves small, trying to become a part of the household. In particular, when it is dark, they like to lay across the doorway with the head towards the outside, and they are always alert.


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male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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