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Definitely the best book I've ever read and could recommend on dog origins and behaviour by Ray Coppinger

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all around the world maremma sheepdogs are guarding livestock such as goats and the people who have been using them this way are very happy to talk with you and assist you through the maremma community forum maremma sheepdogs are found in countries all over the world and in all climates and adapt well to both extreme heat and cold people often like to gather together to personally talk about maremma sheepdogs and how best to work with them in all situations

Whilst this web site attempts to provide comprehensive information for you to choose to work with livestock guardian dogs, there is nothing like being able to talk with other people and ask specific questions.

The maremma community provided by gives you exactly that experience!

maremma sheepdog as a companion enjyoing a drink in a bird bath fountain maremma sheepdog caring for wildlife as his guarding duties beautiful group of maremmas typical of the kind of situation that works well for companion dogs

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companion maremmas are kept all around the world successfully however if you are considering a maremma as companion you will need to learn a lot about how this breed is different to other dogs to successfully raise your pup to a mature, confident and socialised adult companion maremmas are a wonderful thing if you understand the breed and are prepared to put in the work to raise your puppy correctly typically maremmas have been used to guard livestock for thousands of years - in the maremma community you can access help from people all around the world using maremmas for the task they were bred for

Joining the community is free, and there is a huge wealth of information there and maremma owners from all around the world that are more than happy to share their tips, successes and help others.

maremmas kept as companions will play games like most other breeds of dogs however there are some types of games they will not engage in because of the temperament that has been bred into them from bringing home a young pup to rehoming an older dog, the members of the maremma community forum are a huge wealth of information that you can tap into many maremmas are true water lovers and will enjoy hours of play in the water, however some maremmas do not like to immerse in water at all


male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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