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Josh was a rescue dog and lives in suburban Sydney, Australia.

  Josh in our outer suburban garden, Sydney Austraila, when he first arrived. Being a rescue, he was uncertian, often shaking with fear at strange noises. He has filled out quite a bit since then and no longer barks at the neighbours.

maremma sheepdog

  My favourite portrait of him. He jumps up on the bed every morning now and has a special with us while we drink a cup of coffee.

maremma sheepdog

  Just wanted to show you how cuddly he is. Kelly, our daughter treats him like a live teddy bear and he responds by snuggling in as close as he can get. He likes to have physical contact with us, either a paw touching us or his head on a foot. (He uses his butt as well to keep contact and leans against us. I guess this means he is in control and being highly protective but he does it in such a loving, gental way.)

maremma sheepdog

  Do all maremmas sleep like this?  
  maremma sheepdog  
  Who said Maremmas weren't lap dogs!  
  maremma sheepdog  
male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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