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My visit to Melbourne!

1st February 2002, Katrina Jeffery (was Sommers) had the difficult task of having to go to Adelaide for work and then fly back to stay one very short night with JOHN.

Here is a little pictorial record of my visit.

meeting john and marnie at the airport

I was welcomed at the airport by Marnie, then John joined us, and we enjoyed a hearty chat with some great coffee. (She shoulda brought INDII!!)

  maremma sheepdog with chickens  

Now interestingly enough, we have just recently had a discussion on roosters. Maria you wouldn't believe how lucky you are your neighbour only purchased one rooster!

Goodness knows how many John has, but they sure made one helluva racket early in the morning!

  maremma sheepdog with chickens  
  We decided to feed them anyway...  
  cambruzzo a maremma sheepdog  

Amarcord Cambruzzo AKA CAM (nearly 5 months)

Ah, now the chickens are fed, I get to see my baby!

  maremma sheepdog  
  He looks so calm sitting at the gate  
  maremma sheepdog  
  Well they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but I think in the long run Cam would have preferred to fill his stomach than have it rubbed, but at the time he made the choice...and so did his goats!  
  maremma sheepdog cam  
  letti a maremma sheepdog  

John and Letti (Leticia).

She is a lovely gentle girl, who would ask me so politely for a pat with a small nudge of her head and a slight lifting of her paw.

You would never pick she is 11 years old by looking at her.

  letti a maremma sheepdog  
  maremma sheepdog  
  A farmer and his working dogs...  
  millie a maremma sheepdog  

Millie telling me I don't really belong.

I couldn't really get any closer to her, and she did a great job of doing the normal maremma warning behaviours, keeping herself back near where her goats were.

  deb and maremma sheepdog  
  Ah, now the next leg of my fun starts with Deb Westcott arriving for morning tea, and of course she had to say hi to Cam, having not seen him since she delivered him here at 8 weeks old.  
  deb and maremma sheepdog  
  And wasn't Cam happy to see her again!  
  maremma sheepdog  
  UMMMMMMMMM, what was that you were just saying Deb about how lovely and calm this pup is???  
  cam a maremma sheepdog  
  maremma sheepdog  
  Yup, you are right Deb, that really is one calm pup!  
  maremma sheepdogs should not eat tim tams  

One last cup of coffee for the road, and of course those famous Aussie Tim Tams that John was thoughtful enough to have there for me!

(and yes John, Classic dark IS my favourite!)

Deb, Geoffrey and John at the table.

Then I was back on the plane and heading home.

What a whirlwind visit, but it was worth every minute!

male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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