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and GIANNI owned by John and Julie Ellis.

Indii and Gianni are living a pretty unusual Maremma exsistance. They live in the beachside suburbs of Melbourne....caring for their flock of people! These photos were taken on a typical romp along the beach for them.....and they're beaming that true Maremma smile.

maremma sheepdogs on beach

maremma sheepdogs on beach in australia

  maremma sheepdogs  
  Yep Indii I agree...he's definitely been dipped in chocolate.....  
  maremma sheepdogs  
  See Indii...this is what happens to Maremmas that sun bake like you do - they get burnt!  
  maremma sheepdogs  
  maremma sheepdog giani  
  Ahhhh yes this is the life.....I'm sure we'll get to see sheep ONE day....but I'm in no hurry  
  maremma sheepdog  
  'Christ Indii - I'm doing my 50 most eligible bachelor shot - get your fat mug out of the camera  
  maremma sheepdog  
  Gianna woz 'ere  
  gianni a maremma sheepdog  
  Now do you think I could make it all the way to Italy?  
  maremma sheepdog on beach  
  indii a maremma sheepdog  
  indii a maremma sheepdog  
  maremma sheepdog  
  C'mon dad - I saw some REAL cute chicks this way....  
  maremma sheepdog  
  No matter how much I lie in the sun...I'm STILL WHITE!  
  maremma sheepdog  
male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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