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MAREMMAS owned by Helen Brennan.

We run a small Wiltshire Horn Sheep Stud in the Brisbane Valley of Queensland. Without our seven wonderful Maremma Guardian dogs the sheep would simply not survive. Since our initial arrivals, Lucinda and Oscar we have not lost any livestock to predators. Currently seven Maremmas guard my various flocks usually in pairs as packs of dingos and dogs are our major problem.

Dennys Dog begging to become a companion dog with free reange of property, house or anywhere else he chooses

dennys dog a maremma sheepdog

  Ear tricks are only the beginning  
  dennys dog a maremma sheepdog  

The indominitable Lucinda investiagting photographer

lucinda a maremma sheepdog

  Lucinda, Dione's (owned by Katrina Jeffery (was Sommers)) granddaughter  
  lucinda a maremma sheepdog  
  Celeste (Margalie's Daughter) with one of her charges  
  felice a maremma sheepdog  
  Felice puppy sitting. Her other duties include guarding horses, family and generally being beautiful  
  felice a maremma sheepdog  
  felice a maremma sheepdog  
  Margali's babies  
  margali a maremma sheepdog  
  Martin the ram teaching pups to browse  
  maremma sheepdog  
  maremma sheepdog  
  Oscar and Guinness (Oscar has the patience of a saint, and is Dione's grandson)  
  helen with her maremma sheepdogs  
  helen with her maremma sheepdogs  
  Jacob..Oh happy dog (now living in WA, Aust)  
  jacob a maremma sheepdog  
  Casper at the pound  
  casper a rescue maremma when he arrived  
  Casper NOW!  
  casper a rescue maremma  
  casper a rescue maremma  
male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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